Double Take

Originally scheduled for March 2020, this event was postponed due to covid-19 restrictions on live performances. Please follow our Twitter feed for news of rescheduling.

Music from the days of powdered wigs is given a post-industrial restyling in this excursion through the history of recording technology.

We have become acclimatised to consuming music as a mediated, mostly individual experience – whether through smartphone screens, CDs or the radio. It is easy to forgot that music used to be something you ‘do’ within a social gathering.

In Double Take we explore the extent to which the mediated has become the immediate. Live performances using obsolete tape machines, broken CD players and real-life performers question the notion of what is (im)mediate in our consumer-driven society. Enter a world of surround-sound Bach and foxtrotting Purcell as we juxtapose the music of the masters with modern classics by the likes of Jonathan Harvey and Peter Maxwell Davies.

Think you know what a classical music concert looks like? Look again! Expect innovative and exciting music, shockingly good playing, an old gramophone, and an invitation to relax with the players afterwards. Powdered wigs optional.